Commercial Roof Repair

Conventional commercial roof repair is obsolete! The cost-effective way to handle a leaky, storm damaged or aging roof is to have it coated. Why have someone come and put on a patch on part of your roof, when we put a seamless membrane on your entire roof. Why wait for the next leak, when you can have a decade or more of guaranteed waterproof protection – at 50% to 75% less than the cost of tearing off and replacing a roof.

The most cost effective choice for commercial roof repair is a roof coating
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There are specifically formulated roof coatings for metal, modified bit, single ply, PVC, flat or low slope and many others. We specialize in installation of the Conklin Roof Coating Systems™, and our customers report complete satisfaction with the exceptional Hycrown Hypalon and Flexion products that we feature. These acrylic polymer membranes have extended the life of all kinds of buildings across Delmarva and across the world:

Industrial buildings
Big box retail
Strip malls
Fleet garages
Agricultural buildings
Institutional structures (hospitals, schools, churches)
Manufacturing facilities
Call about your specific building –and do away with the cycle of commercial roof repair
If you are not completely familiar with roof coatings, it is a simple concept: They are specially formulated acrylic polymers in liquid form. We spray them across an entire roof, and then they dry to a seamless membrane. The added layer is impermeable by water, chemicals and UV rays. It is so impact resistant and weatherproof that the manufacturer offers extended warranties. You get so much more than commercial roof repair. You get roof improvement.

We get asked this a lot: How does putting something on top of my roof fix what’s wrong underneath? The answer is in the preparation of the surface to adhere to the roof coating. Whatever has gone wrong is fixed prior to the application of the liquid acrylic. Seams are sealed and reinforced. All attachments, screws and nails are tightened or replaced. The entire surface is pressure washed or chemically cleaned. Your existing roof is in top shape and ready to be coated.

That prompts the next question: why not stop there? It sounds like you’ve done a great job of commercial roof repair? The reason is that without the top layers of acrylic protection, that extensive roof refurbishment will not hold up to weather and rot. With a seamless membrane atop that restored surface, the weather and deterioration resistance is revolutionary.

Eventually we are asked about the expense of this technique for commercial roof repair, and our answer surprises folks: This is a roof that can pay for itself. How? The coating is white. If you’ll pardon the expression, white is “green”. A white roof is reflective – directing the heat of the sun off of the roof surface. A cool roof means a cooler building interior. Companies have reported a 25% average drop in cooling demand with a reflective roof. That level of energy savings can add up to the cost of the roof coating within 7 years. It pays for itself!

What other commercial roof repair technique can match the restoration, improvement and added energy efficiency of a roof coating? We have dedicated our company to providing the answer to roofing problems.

We’ve got you covered for commercial roof repair
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Delmarva Roofing and Coating specializes in installation of commercial and industrial roofing systems and also home or commercial deck waterproofing membranes. We focus on eliminating leaks and repairs while providing unparalleled waterproofing and long-lasting solutions. We are your first choice for roofing across Delmarva.