Industrial Roofing

Our Industrial roofing solution is durable, and pays for itself. We exclusively install the Conklin® Roof Coating Systems, which are long-lasting roof coatings. They provide proven energy savings and an extended life cycle, both of which pay back the cost. Invest in a long-term solution to your roofing challenges, no matter what your building is used for:

  • Factory
  • Production line
  • Fleet garage
  • Vehicle storage
  • Manufacturing
  • Clean industry
  • Warehouse
The fastest growing segment of the industrial roofing industry is roof coatings
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This is a system that delivers.

As the owner or facilities manager for industrial buildings, we understand you have three major concerns: budget, energy savings, and safety.

Budget: By coating industrial roofing, you save the cost of tearing off and replacing your current roof. You get rid of the line item for repairs; you can wipe out or significantly reduce the “maintenance” column in your budget. These systems meet or exceed fire rating and codes, which can reduce your insurance costs.

Energy savings: This is where your return on investment gets even more impressive. Industrial roofing of almost any material – metal, modified bitumen, rolled asphalt, rubber and more – when coated in white, becomes a “cool roof”. Why? White roofing reflects up to 85% of the energy of the sun away from the surface. That is heat not passing through to the interior of your building. The utility cost savings have been so impressive; some owners have recouped the coating system cost in only 7 years.

Safety: You get a Class “A” fire rating and superb wind resistance. In a strong storm, your roof will take it. Because coated industrial roofing is so low-maintenance, you avoid having your own people on the roof. Because the reflectivity reduces wear and tear on your HVAC, technicians will be up on the roof less often. In addition, our application process is simple, requires fewer people than roof tear off and full replacement, and so it is a safer method of restoring your roof.

Let’s go through some of your options:

Metal Roof Restoration is a complete waterproofing system that inhibits rust, stops leaks and saves energy dollars while looking very attractive on your building. It stops the major cause of leaking in metal industrial roofing where it occurs: the seams. All seams are reinforced with fabric embedded in acrylic coating.

An EPDM and Modified Bitumen recoating is designed to waterproof and energy-upgrade aged MBR and mechanically-fastened materials. The existing surface is cleaned, primed and reinforced. The finish provides excellent waterproofing and cools the surface.

Spray Polyurethane Foam systems provide high grade, no-seam insulation to control air infiltration, add strength to your building and save you money. The insulating value is R-6 per inch.
A Fabric Reinforced System utilizes tough, flexible fabric embedded in an elastomeric roof coating to create a seamless membrane that can be applied to a number of industrial roofing substrates.

Single Ply Membrane Systems provide superior wind and fire protection, chemical resistance and can be applied in all climates and seasons. This system is not sprayed-on, but comes in factory rolls that are welded together to shield your building.

We have served industry in Delmarva and beyond since 1977. We are proud to be a leader in energy efficient roofing solutions, using a product that is free of petroleum and chemical vapors.

Delmarva Roofing and Coating specializes in installation of commercial and industrial roofing systems and also home or commercial deck waterproofing membranes. We focus on eliminating leaks and repairs while providing unparalleled waterproofing and long-lasting solutions. We are your first choice for roofing across Delmarva.