Metal Roof Coatings & Repair

Metal roof coatings – that phrase only tells half of the story of the benefits to you. The first half is that the process preserves your existing roof, eliminates expensive metal repair or replacement, and provides significant air conditioning cost savings. The other half is the fact that the metal is FULLY RESTORED by the preparation steps, coupled with the application of the acrylic coating. Owners and building managers have seen 20 years of rust-free, leak-free extended life of their roof.

Metal roof coatings are perfect for commercial and industrial roofs of any size
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Why do we call it “Metal Restoration”? Look at the steps we take:

  1. The surface is cleaned thoroughly and rust removed.
  2. The metal is treated with a rust inhibitor
  3. All fastener heads are caulked to prevent leaks
  4. All seams are made waterproof with a layer of fabric (for strength) that is sealed between two layers of a base coat.
  5. Finally, white metal roof coatings are applied to the entire surface. It dries to a seamless, contemporary and clean look.

Why white?

As we like to say, “White is the new green”. What we mean is that it is energy efficient and eco-friendly. You benefit and the earth benefits. White roofing (also called cool roofing) has swept the industry and captured the commercial and industrial market. White is “reflective”. White bounces solar heat back into the sky. That heat is not passing through to your interior. You use far less energy for air conditioning, and send those savings straight to the bottom line. Older steel systems are notoriously hot. Dark colors absorb solar rays. Metal roof coatings send heat packing. These roofs qualify for LEED green building credits. We are proud to be the leaders locally in promoting environmentally-friendly roofing products.

There are still more benefits to you:

  • Metal roof coatings are strong; stands up to wind, hail, and puncture from flying debris
  • Stops leaks at seams where they most occur
  • Resistant to acid rain, air pollutants and UV degradation
  • Meets hurricane-force wind standards (which can be important here on the peninsula)
  • Expands and contracts as temperatures change: no cracking
  • The surface resists dirt accumulation
  • It’s light, so the weigh load on your building is barely changed
  • Carries a Class A fire rating

It costs significantly more to take off your old roof and replace it than it does to go with affordable, efficient metal roof coatings. A small crew with a sprayer quietly restores your roof, avoiding any disruption to your customers, employees and productivity. Most can be applied anytime the temperature is above 40 degrees. There are a number of coatings on the market. We use the Conklin® Metal Roof (MR) System. The MR stands for Metal Restoration. The products materials have been proven to perform exceptionally well in our area.
We have earned the status of Master Contractor, which the manufacturer awards for demonstrated skill installing metal roof coatings. You can trust a company that has been business in Maryland and Delaware since 1988, is locally-owned and owner-operated. We have trained two dozen crew members in application as well as in how to pay attention to the details that have resulted in generations of satisfied customers.

Metal Roof Repair

Make this your last metal roof repair ever! Choose an innovative metal roof coating system that not only fixes current problems, but restores your roof, to give you decades without maintenance or leaks. Commercial and industrial building owners and managers believe in metal roofing. The superior effectiveness of metal roof coatings made believers out of us – they are a permanent fix, not a patch. They made believers out of our hundreds of satisfied customers.

Choose metal roof repair that also eliminates future metal troubles.
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We utilize your existing roof. You get repair and renovation all in one.
We provide such thorough preparation of your metal roof that your current problems are dealt with before the permanent solution – the coating – is applied. We perform five levels of metal roof repair (metal restoration):

  1. Rust removal and surface cleaning.
  2. Application of a rust-preventing product.
  3. Every seam is sealed; every screw is tightened and caulked.
  4. Then our technicians apply a seamless base coating.
  5. Finally the top coat(s) goes on for protection and a professional looking finish.

It’s called a Metal Roof Restoration System® (MR): Your roofing problems will be solved when we install this innovative product manufactured by Conklin Roof Coating Systems. Too often, the advice you’ll get about metal roof repair is that the roof “has to come off” because it is not repairable. Almost every roof will come back strong with a roof coating system.

Here’s a major advantage: your permanent metal roof repair will end up paying for itself in utility cost savings. The top coat is designed to be reflective. This is the latest “green” technology that causes the sun’s energy to bounce off, rather than be absorbed and then passed into your building. When your metal roof is that much cooler, demand for interior cooling goes down. Independent testing of reflective roofing discovered it can knock 20-cents off of every dollar spent on air conditioning. Why put up with skyrocketing utility costs?

Your new roof surface will be rust free because a specially-formulated oxidation inhibitor is painted on. Most leaks are at a seam. We caulk every inch of seam to eliminate existing leaks, and then apply a fabric sealer between two applications of our base coat, for a true bonded seal. Chances are a leak has made metal roof repair an immediate concern. Or, a storm has loosened panels or blown them off. Any problem with loose panels is resolved because we re-tighten or replace every one of the hundreds of screws common on a metal roof.

An unsightly water mark on a business or office ceiling is unacceptable. The threat of water dripping on warehouse inventory or a manufacturing process must be eliminated. You may have extensive rust that is deteriorating the structural integrity of the roof, as well as its appearance.

  • Why wait for another inevitable metal roof repair?
  • Why let rust spread?
  • You get a warranty for up to a dozen years.
  • You gain a trouble-free roof.
  • You improve the appearance and value of your property.

We use the best available products exclusively.
Conklin Roof Coating Systems has designated us a Master Contractor. They are pioneers in the use of coatings and the industry standard for excellence.

Delmarva Roofing and Coating specializes in installation of commercial and industrial roofing systems and also home or commercial deck waterproofing membranes. We focus on eliminating leaks and repairs while providing unparalleled waterproofing and long-lasting solutions. We are your first choice for roofing across Delmarva.