Polyurethane Foam Roofing

Polyurethane foam roofing pays dividends immediately, and then for the life of your roof.

  • Immediately: You avoid the cost of a total replacement of your roof. We use your existing roof.
  • Immediately: You save significant energy costs. Your roof can pay for itself in four to seven years.
  • For the life of the roof: There is no expenditure for leak repair or maintenance.
  • Over the long haul: You may not have to consider the cost of roof replacement for up to 20 years.
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You will lower your air conditioning costs immediately.
Polyurethane foam roofing provides 85% reflectivity, which means it bounces away all but 15% of the sun’s heat; heat that is not transferred to your interior. Owner/managers have seen air conditioning costs drop by a third. The sprayed foam dries to a white, seamless, top-grade insulation that looks spotless and modern. As a “green” upgrade, the years of service ensure the roof will be around long enough to “pay you back” in utility savings.

We use Conklin products, which are ENERGY STAR® and LEED rated. The manufacturer has designated our firm as Master Contractors, in recognition of our skill in applying their superior products.

It’s an uncomplicated process to install polyurethane foam roofing:

  1. Your roof is cleaned and specially prepped
  2. A base of an inch or more foam is applied
  3. A special base coating goes over that
  4. Then the top coat is applied. Your roof looks good, performs well and lasts for years.
  5. Foam requires no metal flashing to be installed around HVAC, vents, skylights and where walls meet the surface.

Polyurethane foam roofing installation is far more efficient because we do not have to tear off your old roof. This keeps labor costs down. Business and industrial enterprises appreciate the lack of disruption and noise compared with roof removal. You have a small crew on the premises; there are no skipjacks on your property, and you eliminate the smell of noxious chemicals or “hot tar”.

There is a special protective property of polyurethane foam roofing

  • The sprayed coating dries to what is called “closed cell form”. If, for instance, a branch fell in a storm and breached the coating, the “healthy” cells surrounding the damage would fill in and any leakage would be localized. Plus, if some severe accident punctures the membrane, it can be repaired with a spot re-application, restoring the seamless look and leak resistance.
  • Polyurethane foam roofing is virtually leak-proof, because there are no fasteners and no breaks in the coating. There is no place for water to get through. A standard single-ply roof has hundreds of feet of seams and hundreds of fasteners. Both can leak.
  • Our product comes with a ten to twelve year warranty, and of course, it’s longer-lasting than that. If your goal is to defer roof replacement or new construction, you’ve met your goal.

Other significant features:
Foam is lightweight, so it generally does not exceed the load capacity of your structure. In fact, it adds tensile strength to your structure. It’s a great “look”. It is even possible to add granules to the top coat, giving your roof a textured look similar to asphalt tile.

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