Reinforced Ply Systems

Reinforced ply systems add a reinforcing ply of fabric strength sandwiched between the layers of acrylic roof coating. When applied to your roof, it’s a long-lasting fix for leaks; cuts energy consumption; and ends water pooling. This roofing system harnesses the durability of fabric to fortify your roof. The result is an exceptionally strong roof that provides long, maintenance-free life.

Reinforced ply systems add fabric and acrylic for maximum protection
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Fabric reinforcement dramatically improves many kinds of roofs
Ply roofing is ideal for most | flat roofs | low-sloped roofs | high density concrete | built-up (BUR) roofing | metal roofs.

It’s made-to-order on site
Reinforced ply systems are custom built to take into account the ins and outs of your roof.

  • The existing roof is thoroughly prepared; usually power washing is perfect for removing oil, dirt, debris, or oxidation. A clean roof is a must for optimum installation and life of the roof.
  • The acrylic base coat is sprayed on, and brushed or rolled on where necessary; this is the foundation of reinforced ply systems.
  • The layer of fabric – often polyester- is laid next. The base coat and the fabric are engineered to bond tightly. (This process seals any seams or breaks on your existing roof surface).
  • A second layer of base coat goes on next, to bond the coating to the top side of the fabric, too.
  • The fourth and final layer is the specially-engineered top coat that completes reinforced ply systems.

The result is a four-ply watertight membrane, with extra strength from the embedded fabric. It will stand up to extreme weather, resist punctures from flying debris or dropping tree branches, and expand and contract in temperature changes. This eliminates the possibility of cracks.

Top three ways the top coat of reinforced ply systems lower your costs

  1. Cutting cooling costs dramatically: The final ply is a so-called “reflective” color, often white. It is designed to reflect, rather than absorb the sun’s rays. It can cut the temperature on your roof in half. This cuts in half the heat passing into your commercial or industrial space. The utility cost savings are often significant enough for your new roof to pay for itself in only seven years. On top of that, your air conditioning system isn’t working nearly as hard, so it lasts longer.
  2. Far lower upfront costs: reinforced ply systems are less expensive than replacing your entire roof. Our commercial and industrial building customers tell us they have delayed dealing with chronic roofing problems because they don’t have the cash for total roof replacement. They are surprised and enthused when they call us and discover the affordability of our systems.
  3. Low-interest loans and tax credits available: Light-colored roofing is the trend in roof refurbishing because of the energy savings. Some local and state governments offer incentives to upgrade to a “cool roof”. The federal government offers tax incentives for certain kinds of roofs.

Far less noise, inconvenience, or mess
Some satisfied customers mention how little commotion or disruption their customers, clients and employees noticed during installation. The entire process is usually finished in a day, there is no “tear off” to create a disturbance, no tar smell, and no disruption of smooth operation of their business.


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