Rubber Roof Coating

Rubber roof coatings add extra weatherproofing and bring superb energy efficiency to your building, while extending the life of your existing rubber roof. An estimate will convince you of its affordability.

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Find out how rubber roof coatings solve the problems on your structure

What is it?

A polymer coating is applied directly to the rubber after it has been extensively prepared. The result is years of worry-free and maintenance-free protection for your business, inventory, production process and employees. With rubber roof coatings, leaks disappear and wind resistance climbs.

You get a sun block for your roof

When a white membrane covers the dark rubber, the energy of the sun is reflected off of the surface. A roof can reach 140 degrees in the summer sun. A white roof can lower than to 90 degrees. This means there is significantly less demand for cooling in the commercial or industrial space below. And because the coating is insulation, far less heat or cold pass through. You can see a 15-30% drop in utility costs.

Not only will you see greatly reduced utility bills, but also you’ll get longer life from your heating and air conditioning systems. Your energy savings can be so impressive that the money savings can cover much of the cost of rubber roof coatings.

Aging rubber roofing (also called EPDM) shrinks and cracks. This is why you may have been bedeviled by leaks. But even if moisture has not seeped all the way through to ceilings, it is doing damage to the sub-roof and to wood or metal framing.

The life of your roof is extended. We make certain the coating bonds for years of trouble-free service.

  • First the crew will power wash with a one-of-a-kind acrylic cleaner, to ensure that nothing interrupts the bond between the rubber and the first coat.
  • The first coat is a specially-formulated primer that is applied to the clean rubber.
  • A base coat is applied next.
  • This next step is a major reason the life of your roof is extended with rubber roof coatings: We lay fabric anywhere the EPDM might leak, such as seams or cracks. The fabric and the base coat are engineered to form a strong bond.
  • After your roof has been patched, primed and prepared, the entire surface gets the top coat. It is a seamless membrane after it dries, and quite good looking.

Don’t wait for a problem to consider rubber roof coatings

Due to constant contact with the elements, aging EPDM is far more prone to failure. The rubber wears down, and then the leaks begin. You can wait for the constant cycle of leaking and patching, or you can be pro-active and get a coating. A whole new roof will be far more expensive than increasing the life of the current one. Why keep wondering when the inevitable will happen, when rubber roof coatings ensure it never comes.

Even if their roof has not yet begun springing constant leaks, customers love the effortless, long-term solution that adds years of life to an aging roof. The owner of any building with an EPDM roof will see immediate energy savings, and also get Class A fire-resistance.

We exclusively use quality Conklin products, which are so vastly superior they come with an extensive warranty on materials.

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